Chasing that Little Yellow Ball

It’s that time of year again. The sun is trying to shine and we are all trying to stay dry. Our girls were able to finally get out on to the fields and play some ball and enjoy some time together.

DSC_0837 DSC_0830


Our girls performed great on the fields in Kilgore and Longview.

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As we enter our Showcase Tournament Season, we look forward to making many more memories and gaining ground as these girls push forward on the road to achieving their dreams.  With each tournament they play – the more they fall in love with this great sport .

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Here’s to a great spring season.

To many more smiles.

To winning games, great throw downs, those strikes that catch the corners

and to winning the battle at the plate.

To encouraging these girls to not only be amazing athletes, but amazing people.

ULM Warhawks meet Trouble

Trouble was able to spend this last Sunday on the University of Louisiana at Monroe campus. Our girls were able to attend the Winter Skills camp put on by the ULM Warhawks Softball Team.



They not only got to work on their softball skills, they were also able to get a tour of the campus. They were able to work with the ULM players on fielding, hitting and position work.  All the girls played in games, teams being made up of campers from all over the country.

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All their hard work and dedication showed as they came together with all the other campers and showed off their skills. They bonded not only with the other girls but had a wonderful talking and visiting with the Coach and players at ULM.

DSC_0248 DSC_0244

Hard work and dedication will take you everywhere you want to go. Thank you Warhawks for showing our girls a wonderful time and letting them see what they are working so hard to become.

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Trouble at Covington 2015

We were so proud to have 4 of our Trouble girls be able to attend The College Softball Camp in Covington, LA. They all preformed greatly within the groups they trained in.  They worked hard through hours of conditioning with Mari MacGuire from  Weatherford,Tx.

DSC_0842 DSC_0874 DSC_0046Through planking and lunges – learning how to run properly – bear crawls and squat jumps, our girls stayed up front. Volunteering to lead groups and encouraging those that struggled with the task before them.

DSC_0991DSC_0927 DSC_0898DSC_0066-001

39 colleges were represented at the camp. Our girls were able to get individual critiques from coaches on basic mechanics and individual position work.

DSC_0104-001 DSC_0143-001

Our catcher and pitcher got quite the workout as well. They were timed and critiqued by college coaches. Working together as a team, helping push each other to be the best players and team mates they can be.

All in all – our girls performed at top level and learned so much at this camp. We are so proud of the dedication and hard work that our girls showed.


Way to go TROUBLE !

ETT 2nd PlaceEast Texas TROUBLE placed 2nd in the Fall Brawl Tournament on September 6.

TROUBLE arrived at the tournament at 8:30 Saturday morning and left with the 2nd place trophy around 9:30 that night. They played hard and with heart. TROUBLE came back in the last inning of  the semi-finals – down by 6 to win it 9-8. Battling through heat and fatigue they left it all on the field and headed to the Championship game.

Proud of every one of these young ladies and their determination to be their best on and off the field.

TROUBLE’S next tournament is September 20th in Shreveport, LA.